Act 1.


On the evening of April 25, 2013, a group of Crafton Tull employees and family members gathered at the Crisis Pregnancy Outreach warehouse in Jenks, OK, for a 50/50 Act of Kindness event to celebrate Crafton Tull’s 50th year in business.  The Crisis Pregnancy Outreach warehouse is a place for women who are in a crisis pregnancy situation to be able to get items for themselves or their children free of charge.  These items have been donated by others.  The group of volunteers was made up of Laura Finley, Daryl and Elizabeth David, Wynn Johnson, Steve Adkins, Dee Dee and Allie Carlisle, Chuck Mitchell, Justin Sack, and Damon and Christina Domer.  The volunteers helped organize the warehouse to make it easier for the women to find the items they are looking for, and to remove some of the unwanted items that had accumulated.  A small group also delivered some furniture from the warehouse and gift baskets to the Crisis Pregnancy Outreach Transition House, where some women who are pregnant or have recently given birth can live while they get back on their feet.  The group made short work of organizing the warehouse!  The Crisis Pregnancy Outreach staff was grateful for the help in improving their warehouse layout and giving them more space to sort through the new items that are being donated all of the time.



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