Act 2.


Saturday, April 27th, the Rogers office kicked off their 50/50 list of good deeds. Our job was to rebuild steps on a walking trail at Lake Atalanta in Rogers. We were working with the Rogers Parks and Recreation Department. What had originally been planned to be a 4  hour under-taking, ended up to be an hour and a half affair, thanks to the amazing team work and man-power brought by each volunteer. Special thanks to David Swearingen, Jim Swearingen, Matt Crafton, Darin Bentley, Brittany Bentley, Jim Tull, Chuck Wipf, Matt Loos, Vince Stanko, Annie Lorton, Billy Lorton and Zak Johnston. The skies opened up just as we finished the project and the Parks and Rec Dept representative was very grateful for the time and work put into this project.


IMG_4440 IMG_4432 IMG_4430photo

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