Act 3.

IMG_5601_ed On Saturday, May 4th, the Oklahoma City office volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in Norman, Oklahoma. Crafton Tull spent the day renovating a home that was donated to Habitat for Humanity by a very generous supporter of the organization. The house will be renovated and sold for profit and the profits will be used to build additional homes for many families across central Oklahoma.

We spent the majority of the day on Saturday  painting, removing wallpaper, texturing walls, installing ceiling fans and providing other updates to the house. Special thanks to Gene Lavastida, Matt Cain, Max Morris, Bradley Reid, Debra Mack, Colleen Kyhl, Jose Joseph and Paul D’Andrea for coming and volunteering! Also a big shout out to our Site Supervisor  J.J. who was there with us all day at the house and Tambra Gowin, the Habitat Volunteer Coordinator who helped organize the event!

IMG_5592_sm    IMG_5596_sm

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