Celebrating 50 Years.


It is difficult for many to imagine, especially in today’s unsure economic climate, leaving a good job that has sustained and helped provide for your family to venture out on your own. It is even more difficult to imagine doing this armed with only a truck and a room out of which to run this fledgling engineering firm. However, it is this that separates visionaries from the crowd; courage. This is precisely the choice Bob Crafton and Lem Tull made in 1963 when they left the certainty of their government jobs with the goal of taking a truck, a collective wealth of knowledge and experience in their chosen professions of infrastructure design, and an unmitigated resolve to turn those resources into a company that would garner respect, loyalty, and an unparalleled reputation for quality contributions to the built environment through professional design services.

It is impossible to look at a business that has not only survived, but thrived, and adapted over the course of 50 years without seeing the courageous decision of the leaders who had the tenacity to make their dream a reality. The weightier and perhaps more important accomplishment is the unwavering loyalty to not only clients, but to staff. It speaks volumes about the integrity of Bob and Lem that so many of their employees have been with them the entirety of their professional careers. Many companies make family a prominent focus of their marketing; Crafton Tull makes family the prominent force behind our business model.

Dwight Eisenhower remarked that, “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” That is no easy feat, but it is essential in building, maintaining, and furthering a successful and respected business for 50 years and counting! The team at Crafton Tull still feels the passion and integrity that fed this dream a half a century ago, and we are excited that we get to be a part of continuing this firm for the next 50 years. We are just getting warmed up!

Here we are now and that dream has turned into a reality. It has become all they envisioned and more; to themselves, the more than 300 current professionals that have chosen to call Crafton Tull home, and the clients who still look to us for reliable, innovative, and sustainable plans that see their projects through to fruition. In the half century since Bob and Lem set out on their own, Crafton Tull has grown into a full service firm that embraces sustainable design, expanded into several different cities and states, won numerous awards for creative design and problem solving, been named in the ENR Top 500 design firms – all this while surviving an ever changing economy without wavering in our loyalty to the clients and families that make Crafton Tull possible. As the great Babe Ruth said, “Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” It is this philosophy that has fueled Crafton Tull for 50 years.

It is also this philosophy that will propel us into the future by taking that adage even further, today’s home runs don’t win tomorrow’s games – we are always looking for ways to adapt, while holding dear the pioneer spirit that brought us about. We are still working as hard as always to position ourselves so that we continue to grow and innovate. Crafton Tull has a proven history of fostering cutting edge ideas until they turn into realizations.

We are just getting warmed up! This is more than a tagline, it is a promise. By looking to our clients, our colleagues, our staff, and our strategic partners, we will continue our commitment to ingenuity in support of our built environment.

We are just getting warmed up by making sure our clients know that their job is not just another job to us. We will prove through performance that we will solve what some might consider unsolvable. Because we live where they live, their projects are our projects; failure is not an option to us.

We are just getting warmed up by doing work and producing results that will guarantee the name Crafton Tull is on the mind and lips of our peers, competitors, clients, and potential clients. We champion the skills of our staff in order to stay on the forefront of new technology, while still employing tried and true techniques. Our professionals are just as comfortable with the latest software as they are with the tools that Bob Crafton and Lem Tull set out with all those years ago.

Over the last half century, Crafton Tull has proven to be formidable in every arena. Moving forward, Crafton Tull will prove to be synonymous with Accountable, Responsiveness, and Experienced. We are just getting warmed up!

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