Act 5.

As an engineering, surveying and architectural firm, Crafton Tull goes through a bunch of paper. We already have recycling initiatives in place to handle our left over paper, but we wanted to try and do more than just simply recycle. We wanted a way to give back to the community as well as the environment.

Over the course of our 50th year, the Oklahoma City office is donating all our recyclable paper to Moore Public School’s Fisher Elementary. Fisher Elementary participates in the Paper Retriever Recycling organization which collects paper from participating schools and processes the paper back into a usable form to sell to newspapers, magazines and printers. The profits made from selling the recycled paper are put back into the school to fund great things like new playground equipment, books, teacher training and more. A few of our Oklahoma City professionals have children who attend Fisher Elementary and we wanted to help make Moore Public Schools an even better school district one bag of paper at a time!

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To learn more about Paper Retriever Recycling, check them out here:

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